Thursday, 22 March 2018

Hello Spring ....

Hi everyone

Spring has sprung in the UK - officially - though it hasn't felt like it with our snow this past weekend again.

It reminded me of the Spring of 2013's snow which was pretty but not easy to get about in.

Our Spring bulbs are hesitant to show their colours - the local squirrel likes to dig up the bulbs too but we have some surviving & trying to flower

I love weathered terracotta pots because they just fit in so well in the garden ...

Our hellebores have taken a battering with the snow, icy winds & rain.

In Spring  2016, I picked  gorgeous hellebores for our conservatory vases - this is but a dream this year as they are struggling to flower - perhaps they will recover, I hope so as they are such lovely plants.

I have not done a Spring sideboard this year as in 2013, in 2015 , the cheerful sideboard of 2016, or even 2017 - we are skipping right to Easter due to just getting back from an African trip.

I hope your Spring has been bright & colourful, take care, enjoy, Easter is nearly here.
Dee ~💕~


  1. I've been missing you! I'm thankful that you made your trip safely, and are now back among us.

    1. You are always too kind & I am still playing catch up - hope you are well Jaybird, thank you for your kind, supportive comments. Blessings D


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