Saturday, 24 March 2018

Getting ready for Easter

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Having been away in Africa for nearly a month, has meant that we are playing catch up. This year year, Easter is very early & I needed to get the house ready to celebrate it.

The sideboard had not been changed in a bit so time to clear the conservatory sideboard & make a start.

This is what previous Easters looked like at home

Easter 2012 at home

Easter wishes in 2013 

Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter 2015

Getting ready for Easter 2016 

This is what our Easter looked like in 2017 ....

The starting point this year was this gorgeous hand made bowl from a favourite glass maker in the Karoo, South Africa. I have visited her studio several times where she has her own equipment & everything is handpaited & handmade, this piece would be fired twice at least.

The daughters brought it back on their visit to their grandfather just before Christmas ...

You will be familiar with these of mine - the bowl was a gift some years back, the just was gifted last year. They are so special - a reminder of our very missed bunnies.

The blue tones were the starting point for the sideboard / dresser

I bought these two original art works on a trip to Riga in Latvia - they are just so lovely.

These clear blue glass IKEA plates are useful with our blue & white china. I bought the little china egg decorations on a trip up north to Whitehaven - they are handmade in Sweden

A favourite local shop, Number 45 had these decorations in her window when I passed by & I just knew they would go so well with my blue & white things. The delft like designs are so lovely

These little hand made chicks were also bought up north - they are so tiny & so sweet ...

 How could you not love this little bunny?

This little bunny teapot was bought years ago & it is so sweet, always adding a smile to the scene.

Fortunately I have these blue forks too - they will be needed for our Easter cake ....

 The little battery lights were up at Christmas & they have just stayed up - I like their little glow.

This is what it looks like - things that I enjoy looking at & they will be used as we entertain in the conservatory so it is good to have them close by

This tea towel reminds me of how much I enjoy my blue & white china - it is being used as an overlay over the plain white tablecloth ...

 A vase of simple white scented flowers is just right.

I hope that as Lent comes to an end, that you are ready to embrace the spiritual aspect of Easter & to enjoy having family & friends around your table & in your home.

Be blessed, thank you for stopping by,
Dee ~💕~

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