Friday, 18 May 2018

Royal wedding watch party time ...

I can hardly believe that the much awaited Royal Wedding is almost upon us.  We British do love a good party

We had a wedding watch party for Kate & William . We had several friends for the day to watch the wedding then we had a bbq in the garden afterwards.

This time it is much quieter after a rather hectic time work wise for myself & friends so it is just a few of us but I got the bunting out for the fireplace again.  I love the vintage feel to this bunting - the balloons are from a family birthday this week but they look good there too.

I bought this lovely Cath Kidson tea towel this week on a whim - it is patriotic & stylish.  I bought these IKEA candles on my last visit there recently because it is a fresh berry scent & a lovely red colour too so perfect.

Some eagle eyed followers will think these look familiar - I bought them at vintage fair in Ludlow some time back & shared them with you; they are perfectly royal

 A cathedral, a carriage & a castle - perfect scenes on the spoons ...

I found my box of things from the last wedding - a flag 

Some perfect spoons ...

Red, white & blue ready for cakes ...

These crowns make a regular appearance at home - they are good fun ...

These vintage candle holders are good fun & show the traditional side to life here ...

My great great grandfather served as a guard at the palaces for 22 years during the 1830's

Some little charms we use on glasses - ready & such fun

A fun cake stand ... 

The sideboard taking shape & having things swapped around ...

Red, white & blue candles in the candelabra in the conservatory ...

Our sideboard / dresser has its red, white & blue with the flags flying proudly ahead of the Royal Wedding - we will be watching,  taking in the details & just enjoying friendship & a fun event. 

If you are joining in out of curiosity or interest, enjoy the occasion as it lifts the spirits here.

Thank you for stopping by,
Dee ~💕~


  1. Oh how much fun is THAT!!!!!!!
    I was up early to watch.... CDST, so at my house, everything got started at 5:30 AM. The kitty and I were the only attendees, but we had fun and enjoyed every moment. I DID drink a cup of tea from my red and white English transferware teapot, cup and saucer :^) Kitty got a bit of milk in a matching transferware fruit bowl. It was a lovely wedding, and I got such a kick out of all of the kiddos!! Being a musician, I was not too impressed with the music (all of the other royal weddings have had gorgeous music, so I was a bit disappointed :^(
    I thought about you being near enough to actually see such places, but I am too old and in too much of a rut to ever get there again.
    Blessings to you and thank you so much for sharing your lovely home and party!

  2. Hiya Jaybird, I am glad you enjoyed the wedding, it is the pomp & ceremony that is so very interesting. It was a fusion of cultures & shows how the Royal Family always move forward & change to stay relevant. I must post some follow up pictures of our bits. Have a blessed week X


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