Tuesday, 12 February 2019

A touch of the blues ....

Hi everyone,

Does anyone else feel they need a change from the festive colours of red & gold?  I always feel the need for fresher colours in the lead up to our Spring & my love of blues seems to arise.

I have a lot of blue & white china at home & this is some of the ways I used it in the past at home

A blue & white table setting for friends the-blues-in-action

Some vintage blue & whites I inherited vintage-blue-white-transfer-ware

Easter can be blue too getting-ready-for-easter

Some of my large collection of the Blue Danish pattern traditional-blue-crockery

Cheese & wine blues cheese-wine-blues

Our dining room still has its winter colour of the purple heather,  tartan curtains . My regular readers know that I like to change things around.  I remembered that my eclectic collection of blue & white bits had not come out in a while so I brought them in from their container in the garage.

Does anyone else love unpacking something they have not had out for a while? The joy of remembering why you collect things you love ...

My two busts - one black, one white, are a permanent fixture just because it is the only place they seem to fit - she seems to approve ...

I love the pairings of pink with the blue & whites so I rummaged around my large selection of faux or silk flowers. Pink & white go well with blue & white me thinks ...

It takes time to curate a collection of things that you like & these blue & white things have been collected over time & from many places but they all go together ...

I am always planting up some plants, bulbs or such likes because I really like greenery in the house, it brings a certain freshness to the decor. Sometimes, the bulbs might have been shop bought when mine have failed to bloom on time. I am really terrible about getting hyacinths to flower near Christmas & even worse at getting my 5 year old poinsettia to develop red bracts for Christmas, but these are challenges all gardeners own up to. For some reason, I am good at orchids & mine like this corner of the dining room & so they stay there where it is light & bright.

Do you change around your house decor as the seasons change?  I like moving things about because after a while you stop seeing the details when you are too used to them, and it is nice to have things you have collected brought out again.

Thank you for your company, stop by again soon,
Dee ~💕~

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