Sunday, 3 March 2019

Beautiful , tender rhubarb ...

Hi everyone,

We are so used to having a steady supply of whatever fruits we want all year round that we forget the joy of seasonal food.

I have always been a huge rhubarb fan; my grandparents always grew it & I think that is where that comforting familiarity comes from. I have not grown it at home because of having had house rabbits for so long - the leaves are poisonous. However, I might now grow some in a pot.

While out in our county town of Shrewsbury, I spied some early pink rhubarb & I was so pleased. My late father in law used to ‘force’ some early rhubarb for us because he knew how much I enjoyed it.

Is this pink colour not the best? The pink with the early green tops is just so vibrant & inviting. Hubby loves crumbles so this was going to be just that.

Washed, trimmed & cut in to thumb sized lengths ready for the pot.

I had bought a selection of mixed apples at our local farm shop & they would be just right too ..

I kept the apple bits quite large so that they wouldn’t collapse too much; a generous bit of golden caster sugar as the rhubarb is quite tart ...

I love this Rigar Black Balsam liquour that I bought in Riga - a bit of that provides a richness ...

The fruits are just softened on the hob while I rustled up a crumble mix.

This is my healthy crumble mixture when I measure everything.

However, today I just winged it & used about 150g self raising flour, some shredded coconut, a bit of sugar, some mixed spice & rubbed in about 70g of butter (nothing was measured, I just estimated as crumble mixtures are really how you like it.)

This mixture was crumbled over the fruit then backed till golden brown at about 200C

Perfect - lovely, luscious early rhubarb & apple crumble - heaven on a plate.

Do you have a favourite seasonal fruit that your cannot wait to eat? Thank you for stopping by & taking time to read & comment, each visit is much appreciated.
Dee ~💕~

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