Thursday, 13 September 2012

My hats are ready ....

This weekend is the third Bridport Hat Festival & I am ready ....

I love hats & do not profess to wearing them well but I have learnt what suits me & I try on loads until I put on a hat & it feels 'right' - you all know that feeling of finding something you really feel comfortable & good in!

Over the years, my hat collection has slowly grown & I have my favourites that I know I can just put on & they are right.

My purple fedora is one such hat - as soon as I tried it on at snooksthehatters I knew I had to have it as it was the only purple one they had in stock .... This is me with the hatters who are family ♥

Bridport Hat Festival

Last year I opted for something I love  - Safari Chic - so I got to wear a favourite pith helmet of mine - safari-chic

Safari chic ...

This year, I have been undecided on a 'look' as I have found several hats I really like. On my vintage browsing with Ms M, I found a soft leather turban hat at the lovely cornucopia-bridport . Jane of Cornucopia has a wonderful selection of vintage hats & other bits in her shop.

The turban is in the softest pale leather - it is so lovely to wear ♥

I seldom wear hats as they are - it is fun to just customise them a bit with a brooch, scarf, ribbon or bits & so this is what I have been doing.

I am always buying bits I like with a view to using them on hats & these are some of my assessories I use for hats.

This new acquired old blue hat - 'granny' style is not my style so I added some animal print & peacock feathers to it for a more up to date style.

Another recent old hat is this very plain, veiled white straw type hat; a good style that sits easily but oh-so-boring so it was next for the make-over. I had already put on pearly type beads before I took the first photo. It was still too unassuming - this is a festival of hats - so I added some gorgeous flowery pink hair fabric & pink feathers to the back; so much more up to date & something I will wear because I love pinks ...

I also have a cream coloured fedora - again I know the shape suits me well but cream was just a little boring so being a pearly lady, I decided to glam this one up with shiny pearls - a bit fiddly as the 3 gradated strands had to be hand sewn onto the rim, but it certainly is no longer boring.

I have found that cheap stud earrings work a treat for securing bits to hats & I finished it off with a glitsy brooch & a soft material band. Do you like it?

I  am also taking two of my favourite hats as well ♥

My final hat is a vintage Ebay find - so very elegant & lovely but it needs a bit of work to re-glue some of the flowers then steam them back to life but I just love the beauty of it ....

These are my hat choices for the 2012 Bridport Hat Festival bridporthatfes They will all go with & be used by myself or the daughters.

Do you have a favourite amongst them?

The daughters & I will be out there with our PRESS badges taking photos of as many people & events again for Snook the Hatters . If you see me / us, pop along, mention my blog & have your photo taken for 2012 Bridport Hat Festival Flickr group

I have also been asked to scout out some amazing hats for the Hat Competition win-a-prize so I will be doing what I love best - taking photos, chatting to people, wearing a hat, & hopefully ... bringing some joy to hat wearers.

Thanks for stopping by - let me know what you think of my hat choices
Dee ~♥~


  1. love them all....each one unique and special. Can't wait to see pictures of the festival!! xx

    1. I am sorry you are not able to join us this year but take photos I will .... xxx


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