Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A bit of vintage shopping ....

I just love browsing unusual shops - I think generic high streets are just soooo dull - you know that every branch of the same store will have the same sort of stuff with little variation & less thought.

While down south in Dorset, I visited the Vintage markets and they are just so interesting - a real step back in time - to laugh over some of the things,  remember seeing other stuff & at times wondering what some of the things were used for.

I love antlers ....

Wow light fittings ....


So very pretty ....

I love these shabby chic colours

What do you think? Do you do vintage shopping? What would you choose?

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Dee ~♥~


  1. I love vintage shopping although get so disappointed with the clothes because they are all so beautiful but they never fit the desk in your picture.


    1. Tipsy one, you know how much I love vintage / c-shop browsing, anything that is not boring mainstream does it for me. I know - some of the vintage clothes are just fabulous, really well made but alas ....

      The desk - yes, we all need space for our bits - my small desk is


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