Monday, 10 September 2012

In search of a hat ....

I know - a couple of days to go to the Bridport Hat Festival bridporthatfest & I am still getting my hat & outfit sorted.

It is my fault because I am not good when faced with too much choice.....

On a recent visit to Bridport to finalise things Ms M, my dear sister in law & friend, & I did what we do best, and browsed the the Saturday stalls & the vintage markets ....

The market stalls are the best - I just love browsing but we did have to find a hat so headed off to the vintage markets to find something ...

I just knew we had to visit cornucopia-bridport where I have bought several vintage hats & Jane did not disappoint - so much inspiration

 Ms M with my choice - a soft leather turban hat - one of several going with me to the Bridport Hat Festival.

What do you think? A good choice?

Thanks for stopping by, always love reading your comments
Dee ~♥~


  1. The turban hat looks good and the others are great! Have a great weekend!<3

  2. Sorry meant to put Kathy in anonymous!!

    1. Thanks Kathy - I think it really suits Monica & it is a very soft leather that is lovely, hope the weather is good ♥

  3. oooooooooooooh what a fabulous choice of hats!! love all those vintage accessories and the 'organised clutter' of the vintage shops...such charm and character....i look forward to seeing pics of your final choice of hat...the outfit...etc...and lotsa pictures of different hats you will encounter at the hat festival...enjoy ;) xxx

    1. Thanks my friend - I love the charm of vintage shops, the unexpectedness of them ....

      All will be revealed soon enough re the hat choices hehehe xxx


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