Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ladies who Lunch & have cake for breakfast ...

My regular visitors will know that I love getting together with the 'girlies' to just catch up & enjoy girlie time as we don't live close.

A friends birthday was the perfect excuse to get together, celebrate & catch up.

Since we were meeting early, it was tea & cake for breakfast then lunch later. I was up early deciding on a table setting which is something I love.

I found a set of these game letters on a recent charity shop browse & they are just perfect for being random ....

Table setting for tea & cake - a vintage set with delicate flowers because the birthday girl loves roses ....

A vase of roses on the sideboard with some pink bubbly ♥

Candles lit in the window sill and on the table ...

My contribution to the morning - some South African / Dutch melk tert / milk tart ♥, freshly made at 5am ...

 Pleased with the table setting as it is pretty without being fussy

 The cake forks & teaspoons were gifts from South Africa & depict a settler monument - quite appropriate

The table cloth is vintage as is the crockery & they are perfectly at home with modern Ikea napkins

 Candles lit in the window - I love mixing things up & these are a selection of silver & crystal candles sticks

 The Ludlow ladies arrived with the pièce de résistance - a baked chocolate cheesecake to end all resistance; a worthy centre piece!!

So the table was ready for breakfast!

Candles lit ....

 .... and blown out

then time to sit back, catch up & enjoy the spread!

Lunch followed later at a favourite local pub - don't you just love that wall of gold framed mirrors?

A relaxed, day with decadant food, good company & good wishes - how birthdays should be.

Hope your weekend is bright & lovely, look in again soon & leave your blog details so I can return the visit
Dee ~♥~


  1. Thanks for the lovely day and photo's are good!!K

    1. Thank you for joining us my dear, always a pleasure to have you at my table xx

  2. aaaah what a wonderful day it was.....and the table setting 'pretty delightful' too...superb lunch and fabulous company...the delicious cakes...well weren't they a treat....thanku for making it all so special for me xxxxxx

    1. Ahh birthday girl - so glad you had a good day, it is always nice to celebrate together & to catch up with each other xx

  3. Hi Dee! Found you at Mustard your blog! It is nice to visit across the pond from time to time. Love the wall of mirrors. I have never eaten in a pub! Sounds interesting...come visit me in
    I love Annie Sloan Paint!

    1. Hiya Lynda - thanks for the visit. That wall of mirrors is our absolute favourite - they use some of the other large ones as chalk boards.

      I don't tend to do pubs but this one is more relaxed & countryfied ...

      I have not used Annie Sloan paint yet but have now found a Shropshire supplier so have a few projects lined up.

      Please stop in again. I love your blog


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