Monday, 17 December 2012

The Chirstmas sideboard is done ...

Our conservatory is used all the time & the sideboard changes several times a year.

I love my Ralph Lauren Pocket Watch plates - but they have been up for a while so will come down.

The central oval plate was a special hand made gift from my sister in South Africa. It is stunning with a row of beads in the top. I brought back those 3 lovely animals to go with it but it is festive time now ...
This morning I decided it was time to get ready for the festive season so the sideboard was cleared for changes.

This was our sideboard last year - I always make it slightly different

Festive crockery

The silver drinks trays always stay - they have a selection of things which we enjoy - I recommend the sherry & Thorntons chocolate liqueur ♥

Our Venetian glass set was bought on a trip to Venice many years ago & that is always out for Christmas sherry

Bowls & jugs made at Coalport near us - they will be used for snacks & on the table several times over the festive season

I love these two wine glasses with their red, green & gold colour & I recently found this glass tealight holder too. The little bowl is a Villeroy & Boch festive bowl.

Holly & Ivy pattern from Portmeirion - always pretty

A pair of supermarket deer brought home by eldest daughter as a gift last year because she knows my fondness for deer ...

We always buy the 2 daughters a new special decoration for the tree each year - these are their new ones ♥

The drink shakers, ice bucket etc all ready

I cut ivy from the garden this morning for the top with berries. The top shelf plates, bowls & tea-light holders are Spode Christmas trees with an Emma Bridgewater Mince pie one in the centre

I am very pleased with our Christmas sideboard - what do you think of the change?

What changes do you make for the festive season?

Thank you for stopping by, I always enjoy your comments & will return the visit if you leave a link.

Dee ~♥~


  1. That Venetian glass set is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!

    1. Thanks Brandy - it is really vivid & so lovely, a favourite of mine too. Thanks for stopping by again.



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