Saturday, 13 April 2013

Vintage cutlery needs vintage cutlery trays ....

Isn't it strange how one small task can lead to a whole lot of other tasks ...

While browsing the vintage markets on a weekend away in Dorset, I found a wooden cutlery tray & knew right away that I needed it ....

Kate at Cornucopia Bridport produced a second, matching one & I knew exactly where they would be used!

I love old cutlery, especially coloured cutlery that I use with my vivid table settings & just the week before a friend had moved & needed a cutlery tray so I gave her one of mine but plastic trays are never a favourite ....

Our cutlery is divided between the sideboards in the conservatory ...

.... and the dining room

Two additional vintage cutlery trays & 4 drawers of cutlery meant that it took a whole afternoon to sort it out into a workable order.  Sometimes these simple tasks - transferring cutlery from plastic trays to wooden trays - just escalate into a whole afternoons sorting, especially when it involves photos too.

There is actually an order to the seemingly random drawers - conservatory trays hold the 'tea & cake' cutlery while the dining room drawers should contain knives, forks, spoons & serving cutlery ...

I love coloured cutlery - they just make ordinary place settings look special but they are not easily available & mostly hand-washable but we still love them. I like to mix old & new so the sorting reflects this ...

These are the 'tea & cake' drawers once they are sorted - do you have any favourites?

Some are vintage family cutlery from both hubby & my side for the dining-room

The coloured cutlery are all different styles, era's & patterns but are used together

Hand beaded gifts from South Africa that I use often

So a job well done - all the cutlery sorted. I know we will use them more often because they are easy to find & there is even a whole lot that no I no longer have any use for because you should not keep things that are not useful or beautiful :)

Do you have a cutlery drawer - or two, or three, of interesting bits or is your home streamlined?

Thanks for stopping by, always pleased to read the comments & return the visits,
Dee ~♥~


  1. Great collection of cutlery! They are all so beautiful. I have a small collection of silver teaspoons and salt spoons.

    1. Thank you - I would love to see your collection; I just love interesting cutlery. Thanks for stopping by ....

  2. Envy your fish knives and forks! I know my Mum had some, but she must have got rid of them when they moved to the flat they lived in for the last years of their lives. They hardly ever eat fish (other than the chippy) so she probably didn't think worth keeping. Now OH and I eat oily fish twice a week when we remember, plus have discovered an interest in other fish too. So guess I'll just have to keep an eye on eBay or at local auctions for fish knives and forks! ;-)

    Your coloured handles cutlery is lovely.

    We're now using Mum and Dad's cutlery as daily stuff despite it all needing hand washing. It's the stuff that only ever came out "for best", so was barely used. I enjoy it on a daily basis now, where when I was little I used to help clean it before Christmas.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maggie - I think it is nice to set the table nicely & we have another canteen of cutlery with fish knives & forks that came from hubbies grandmother - only 2 of the 6 were ever used ...

      I agree with you - some of the coloured bits came from my great aunt & were used very seldom so we have it handy to use & enjoy. I am sure you will find some on Ebay. The plain bone handled sets are still available - I saw some on the Bridport markets last weekend.

  3. Ohhh!!! I just love the colourful variety of your gorgeous cutlery, Dee!! Hope we can go shopping for some when i visit? Also the wooden trays are lovely. I have a few myself.

    1. We will most certainly go visiting when you visit - my dear brother brought me the coloured teaspoons (photographed with the coloured knives & forks) when he visited.

      In fact - I have some cutlery needing a new home so they will be going back with you - pack light my dear!



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