Sunday, 21 April 2013

Using the coloured cutlery at home ....

I shared my cutlery organising vintage-cutlery-needs-vintage-cutlery-trays and this is how we use & enjoy them at home.

STREETLIFE, Royal Stafford breakfast

Petra Tilly designed Streetlife, Royal Stafford

Mother's Day breakfast

Granola, fruit & yoghurt breakfast


Conservatory breakfast on a wet day

Morning tea & cake in the garden

Royal Wedding Watch Party

A Shropshire Thanksgiving

Birthday tea for a friend

Breakfast in the conservatory

Breakfast in the conservatory

Carrot cake for tea

So as you can see, coloured cutlery can be formal or informal but it is enjoyed by us & used often - isn't that the best use of something you enjoy?

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Dee ~♥~


  1. So so pretty darling Dee!!! You have such style and lovely taste. Choice of colours are so inspiring!

  2. Beautiful photos,china,and the carrot cake left my mouth the banner hanging in front of the hutch fabric or paper? I need a pin ~ Lynda

    1. Thanks for stopping by again Lynda - the bunting / banners are all fabric. I will put pinterest buttons on soon (when daughter helps on the weekend hehe)

  3. Hi Dee, you have a lovely blog, and you have a new follower form Spain.

    See you


    1. Hi Marina - welcome & thanks for following. I visited Spain last year & loved it



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