Tuesday, 16 April 2013

To frame or not to frame ....

... that is the question!

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I bought this original art work some years back simply because I loved the elegance of the subject.

I knew right away where I wanted it to go - above my ladies desk in my bedroom so I could look at it every day & just enjoy it.

I only have art / painting / photos up that mean something or I really like so this one is personal just because she caught my eye & I enjoy it.

The mezzotint engraving is by Henry Macbeth Raeburn & is signed by the artist & carries a copyright inscription dated 1926 ... 

I bought her unframed from a private collector & have been contemplating to frame or not to frame ever since. I have heavy gold framed mirrors & gold frames elsewhere in the house so that is one thought but .... does she need a gold frame?

I have also always wondered who she is? The artist & Henry_Raeburn is known to have done many important portraits & I wonder who this elegant sitter was. Please share if you do know anything about her ...

So ~h e l p~ to frame or not to frame - what are your thoughts?

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Dee ~♥~


  1. She will be splendid in a frame....it's like she will be much better dressed!

    1. You have such good advice Lynda & I rather suspect you are right ... I am inclined towards a gold frame ...

      Thanks for your comments


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