Thursday, 18 April 2013

My space

I have shared my personal space before ....

Handbags galore

My vintage desk was originally dark wood but when it no longer fitted in, I painted it in Fired Earth Cream paint & it fits in perfectly in with the cream furniture in my bedroom.

The desk is a compact version which is a very convenient space to catch up on letters, cards & keep special letters & cards.


I left the inside dark because by then I was all 'painted out' from several coats of paint but I am now tempted to paint it a lighter colour too.

I am inclined towards a cream paint or should I just go bold & do red?

Decisions, decisions, decisions ... what would you do?

Thanks for stopping by, always pleased to return the visits to your lovely blogs
Dee ~♥~


  1. Hi Dee
    Go bold and be a dare devil and go red!! It will look lovely!
    Your bedroom is so soft and serene> so pretty!

  2. Go red and add a red throw. Unless you already have one? Your bedroom is soo pretty!!

  3. What a beautiful desk! I would be tempted to put on several coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint Emperer's Silk(Red)...go bold or go home...oh, you are at home! It will look lovely whatever you decide.

  4. Thanks Riekie & Lynda - that is what I was thinking ...

    We have a red wall in our lounge so I was tempted by red.

    Thanks for the colour suggestion Lynda - I will look out that Annie Sloan one ...

  5. I think a bold red would be perfect!

  6. You ladies all have impeccable taste & style so I will be taking your advice & will soon share the RED change - thanks for your advice ♥

  7. Wow, I wish you had pointed me to you blog before now. It's really great. I will be saving to fav's ~ Sonia

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sonia - your painted furniture is just so fabulous; you just transform ordinary bits into things that are so stunning. Mine will be ordinary because it will be my first venture with chalk paints ...


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