Sunday, 15 September 2013

A fabulous hat festival again

Phew - the Bridport Hat Festival was another massive success.

I am so glad as the Hatters are family & they really put their heart in to the organisation. These were some of the hats entered in the Millinery competition so I helped to set them up for judging in the Town Hall

My primary role again was to get out & about, help where I could & most importantly take photos for the Hatters to use for promotion throughout the year.

My outfit plans getting-ready-for-another-hat-festival went out the window because I had a chilly 7am start at the Town Hall & the numerous stairs & distances to photograph it all meant a more practical outfit was required ....

I managed to meet up with various family members who were at the festival & daughters & Andy covered some photos too

The Bridport Mayor had a host of Mayors for an event & they sportingly wore hats - along with the stunning chains ...

Mayoral bling in & around Bridport

 Some of the many men who posed for photos around town

Lovely ladies about town

Daughter fortunately clambered up to do the mass hat photo

I did the street level one this year

Then off to the judging of the millinery hats - fabulous selection & hard choices

Do you do hats? What is your hat style? Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~♥~

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