Wednesday, 4 September 2013

An impromtu BBQ

The nights are drawing in already & the 1st September is hailed as Autumn even though I prefer to view Autumn starting at the Autumn Equinox ....

We have to seize every moment to make the last of the good weather so this week we all decided on an impromptu evening bbq & within minutes the fire was going, another headed off to pick up some bits at the local shops & it as not long before we could all settle on the patio to relax & enjoy

Sweetcorn ready to wrap in foil with butter

Interesting drinks to try

Sweet peas picked from the garden

BBQ ready

Candles in the chimnea

It has been a good late blooming of the sweetpeas

I love interesting beer / cider names & labels

Ready - a perfect supper


A perfectly lovely supper outdoors - I hope the weather holds off because it is something we love doing & hopefully ....

Thanks for stopping by - are you making the most of the good weather too?
Dee ~♥~


  1. lovely.....especially when it is with family and friends.

  2. Great, Dee! I've loved it! I can imagine how wonderful it was


    1. Thank you Marina - we have to enjoy our short summer while we can!

  3. Looks yummy Dee! I love to barbecue....mainly because I just fix the sides and my hubby sweats over the grill, cooling off in the pool....It's been raining daily in FL....tropical storms...hopefully we will have a sunny weekend. 95*, hot, ready for cool fall weather! Love your flowers too! You have such a green thumb!

    1. Hi Lynda - hehee I love the social side of bbq's with everyone joining in. I hope your tropical storms brought some relief to you ....


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