Friday, 6 September 2013

Getting ready for another Hat Festival

Oh my gosh - time just seems to fly & it is almost time for yet another Bridport Hat Festival

I shared my hats from last year in my-hats-are-ready & this year I seem to be way behind (a common theme) & the event a-fabulous-hat-festival-once-again

I always take official photos for  The Hatters who are family & feel more comfortable approaching people for photographs if I have made the effort too ....

My 'look' was decided with the Great Gatsby which was a High School set work book of my youth & the gorgeous outfits in the movie just made up my mind.

I was lucky enough to find a 1920's inspired new dress by Principals & that seemed to be it for ages as I tried to decide on a hat.

Most of my hats are black & white so a brown dress was always going to be a challenge & an off the peg brown felt cloche hat would have been the easy way out but .... a week before the Hat Festival & I am still putting my outfit together.

After much (very much) searching I have found a millinery handmade silk cloche hat on EBay which needs customising.

The band seems to be visible so some invisible stitching is needed on it.

It also calls for a bold side statement - feathers & bling? 

Necklaces for the outfit - pearls (always a favourite of mine) with some colour. I have not found the right thing so more customising is needed.

Which shawl / scarf to choose?

Which side decoration for the hat?

Rows of pearls & a brooch catch ...

I think the large white feathers on the hat ....

Two other favourite hats going with again ...

So if you see me with my PRESS BADGE out & about, mention my blog, say HI & please pose for a photo. I will be scouting the best hats again for the numerous competitions ....

Till next time, thanks for stopping by
Dee ~♥~

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