Thursday, 19 February 2015

A bit of Marsala is good ….

The Pantone colour for 2015 is Marsala & it is hardly a surprise as it is a rather traditional colour with warmth & depth.

However, it is one of those strong colours which divide & conquer the masses.

Some find red too traditional, too striking, too much.

We have a large red living room wall at home that hubby loves & I tolerate & work around. It is Rectory Red - easily marsala in colour & it works only because the room is large, light & bright - otherwise I fear it would be oppressive.

I would happily paint over it but it is one of those compromise decor issues.

How do I get around the large marsala (red by any other name) wall?

Our home decor tends to incline towards 'global trend' as we incorporate things from our travels & various countries we have lived.  That global range uses marsala as a block or accent colour.

I love ceramics & interesting fabric which provides the thread running through our home.

Our living room curtains were made from a long length of Ralph Lauren fabric that I loved & which tied in to the red wall. A local seamstress made them up for the bay window & they provide the colour palette for the room with their earthy tones.

A large piece of hunting fabric which I framed to compliment the curtains

A cosy knitted throw echoes the pale outer curtains & walls …. in truth, it helps to break up the dark wall & sofa combination

Natural solid wood & leather bound books add the earthiness that is needed.

I gathered the pantone coloured ornaments in one group rather than all over the space - two trays on the console table keep them as a group.

Various textures that I love - feathers & antlers - very organic :)

A vintage family tray holds elements from our African trips …

That is how I do global Marsala at home, by bringing in various shades & textures. On trend - no, just working around a red wall that is liked.

Will you be embracing the pantone colour of Marsala this year? How will you do it? Inspire me please.

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Dee ~♥~

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