Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Using vintage metallics & copper jugs

Hi all

I hope your time has been less hectic than mine has been with updates to our kitchen & bathrooms at home. I will share some with you soon.

The decor trend has a strong leaning towards the warmth of metallics and copper is right on trend to add a touch of glamour & reflection to interiors. I hear sharp intakes of breath with visions of dated copper items ….

I am enjoying the different types of metallics from the traditional silver, gold,  copper & brass to bring in some much needed light, drama & sparkle to our late Winter decor.

I decided it was time to take the old family items out of the loft where they have been gathering (a lot of) dust & see if & how I can incorporate them in to our decor (or just pop them back up in the box in the loft ….)

These jugs with their bird like shape needed some serious polishing to make them presentable.

First step naturally has to be bringing them back to life with a good polish or clean. I had some sachets which are put in a bucket of hot water to soak items in, but they didn't work too well on silver but the ones for copper & brass were more effective.

They looked a lot brighter & shinier once buffed up a little. I like the copper - brass contrasts which emphasise their strong shape.

The old kettle belonged to hubbies great grandmother & had been used on a coal stove at sometime. It has a worn charm that comes with items that have a long history. The handle is not wood; it is similar to bakelite & needs a bit of polishing or something to bring it back to its former glory.

I wonder how many times this lid was taken on & off to fill with water?

The little jug & watering can are probably newer even though they did not polish up as well.

The 3 jugs are probably from the 50's - an iconic shape that is not well loved because it is so well known. However, their gleaming look is a lot more pleasing, they have a timeless quality of the familiar...

No one can say that I am not trying to embrace the copper trend … How would you incorporate them into your decor? Are you a metallics fan? Inspire me please :)

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