Monday, 21 September 2015

Displaying my Ethiopian cross collection

Hi everyone, I am sure you have had the experience of changing one thing at home & then it escalates in to several jobs …

We recently decided that the red wall in our living room was a little too dark because of some of our dark furniture. The obvious (and only) paint choice was Natural Calico by Dulux. We have used this paint colour on almost every wall in the house because it is the perfect neutral, warm colour that unifies the spaces.

Most importantly, the neutral colour allows me to indulge my passion for regular change of soft furnishings & things about the house.

Our living room was repainted in Natural Calico & it took 3 coats of paint before the red was gone;  with the days shortening for Autumn, I love the lighter look.

The corner held my Ethiopian treasures from the more than 5 years we spent there …

I was gifted this huge painting some time back & thought it was time to put it up but the biggest space was the one occupied by my Ethiopian collection so that was moved ….

With no obvious space to hang the collection, the crosses were put to one side. I bought each of these myself on my travels so they are special to me.  I needed to find another way to group & display them.

A chance find of a large vintage frame with good moulding gave me the solution - the painting in the frame was 'primitive' so it was perfect for my use.

Will the crosses fit?? YES ….

 I found some of the beautiful, hand woven cloths I bought in Ethiopia to cover the picture …

 I needed to join two pieces so opted for bondaweb to make up the right size for the frame.

Perfect - now to get the fabric in to the frame without completely removing the board which was firmly nailed in place.

 I opted to glue it in place on the frame & press the fabric edges under the edge of the frame with a thin knife …

My collection of crosses will be attached to brass thumb tacks, I am working it out as I go along …

 Completed, now to change the fitting from landscape to portrait & it is ready for hanging.

The gold paint is not as bold as the large frame, but it fits in nicely now.

An afternoon well spent grouping my collection so that they can be on display again.

Never pass up a generously moulded frame in a vintage shop is my advice. Look beyond the picture to the possibilities.

Thank you for stopping by, reading & taking the time to leave a comment. I hope this has inspired you.
Dee ~♥~


  1. Wonderful! They are amazing and there in the wall with that frame, really wonderfull

    Hugs from Spain


    1. Thank you Marina - I am pleased to have them on the wall again … I hope you are having better weather in Spain than we are …

  2. Love how they are grouped now xxx

    1. Thank you my friend - I am pleased with them as I love to see them as I pass ….


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