Saturday, 24 October 2015

A global inspired Autumn sideboard

Hi everyone

My regular visitors know that I am a restless soul who loves to change my decor regularly. The most changed space in our home is our large sideboard in the conservatory where I spend a lot of time.

My decor style is eclectic shabby chic with strong global decor trends because we have lived & worked in several countries abroad & we have collections of special things collected on our travels.

I love Autumn - the colours are just so stunning & beautiful but … orange is not a favourite colour of mine except on trees & leaves.

However, I love the bare bones, the structure that emerges in Autumn as the leaves expose tree shapes & glimpses of buildings that are hidden in Summer.

Autumn needs earthy wooden objects to 'ground' it so I looked around the house & decided on these favourites at home for the sideboard ….

An Ethiopian wooden tray which is used to hold their tiny coffee cups - perfect shape

Used upright it adds height & colour to the modern wooden leaf & an elephant from South Africa

The opposite side has a wooden dish with found pine cones found on our Autumn walks, a handturned wooden candleholder with a global candle & a hand made wooden box. Don't you love the colours & textures?

An absolutely favourite African plate gifted by my sister -  I love the beads, details & colour

Three favourite modern African animals bought in South Africa - they echo the patterns on the plate

Some serviette rings bought in Africa are added to repeat the pattern

The patterns sit well with my favourite Ralph Lauren Pocketwatch plates 

Modern tea light holders look right as well ….

My eclectic candlestick collection is topped up too 

One never knows when one needs a candle or two or three & some battery led lights too ...

Familiar, favourite items - all chosen with the same eye - sit comfortably to be enjoyed.

TIME marches in to Autumn with our clocks changing this weekend & then it will really feel like Autumn / Winter with dark mornings & afternoons.  I think the candles will be used more often & even the battery lights on the top shelf to bring light in to the darkness.

I hope you are ready for the seasonal changes - do you change things about at home? Please share your ideas …. Thanks for your company
Dee ~♥~


  1. Quite a lovely and eclectic mix...I adore those Ralph plates, and I have them too, aren't they fabulous!? You've displayed them wonderfully.

    1. Hiya - thanks for stopping by. I love those pocket watch plates - they have such character ….


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