Saturday, 31 October 2015

The peace & tranquility of Lilleshall Abbey

Another week is flying by & I am enjoying the changing colours of Autumn.

Sunday morning saw me wake early with the dawn chorus in full voice outside in our hedges. Had I forgotten to put out food? No - just lots of birds enjoying the early morning sunshine - wide awake & full of the joys of Autumn.

I suddenly felt the urge to head out on a mild morning & enjoy Sunday morning too so I grabbed my camera & headed out to a local favourite place of mine.

Lilleshall Abbey is tucked away in the Shropshire countryside & it is always a lovely peaceful place which speaks to me of a quiet time when life moved at a very much slower pace.

Signs of Autumn at the Abbey

Old stone walls surround the Abbey & they are gently worn with lichen & moss on them

The quietness of being the only visitor at the Abbey meant that I could really just clear my mind & take in the silence & peace that is associated with Augustinian Lilleshall Abbey.

The Abbey was founded between 1145 - 1148 so has a long history  - according to wikipaedia 

Lilleshall Abbey was an Augustinian abbey in ShropshireEngland, today located 6 miles north of Telford. It was founded between 1145 and 1148 and followed the austere customs and observance of the Abbey of Arrouaise in northern France. It suffered from chronic financial difficulties and narrowly escaped the Dissolution of the Lesser Monasteries in 1536, before going into voluntary dissolution in 1538.

Looking back towards the entrance

Autumn views through the doorway …

The Cloisers

The massive end arch is still intact & imposing - offering glimpses of the countryside beyond ….

These are the two covered rooms to the side of the main Abbey. I have seen shadows here on previous visits so I did not linger there as I was on my own. This Abbey has reported sightings of a Monk ….

Peaceful countryside sounds …

I really enjoyed the peace, quiet & solitude of this old Abbey. Nothing clears the mind like spending time in the outdoors, doing what you love - photographing lovely spaces in my instance, & just being at one with nature.

I hope you have enjoyed the visit with me, thank you for taking the time to read & comment.
Dee ~♥~


  1. Dear Dee! You cannot imagine how I like this kind of places, Love it!!! Thanks a lot for sharing it!!

    Marina from Spain

  2. I can see you enjoying this place Marina - you often share your beautiful Spanish buildings with us. Have a fabulous week ….


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