Monday, 19 October 2015

An Autumn walk & picnic

Are you managing to get out & enjoy the change of season?

I love Autumn. The range of colours just lifts my spirits & I always marvel how these random colours just sit harmoniously together in splashes of colour. 

I recently had my Godsons overnight, & even though I had a thousand late jobs on my mind,  my friend  Liane & I decided to put that to one side & treat them to an Autumn walk & a picnic. 

We both love our walking picnics & it has been too long since our schedules allowed it so we duly headed out to one of our favourite places - the stunning Attingham Park - our own Downton Abbey like local estate. 

Our walk took us through the stunning walled garden where plants & fruit abound still 

Flowers in my favourite colours

Some gorgeous sunflowers in the early morning light

Bags of gorgeous apples

The Forest never disappoints - early morning sun rising higher in the sky as we cross the bridge

 Ivy hugging the tree trunks

Beautiful reflections in the still pond … so quiet you can hear the leaves fall

The lads walking on the tree trunks then doing lovely jumps off

Knowing the estate well, we choose this wooded bench for our picnic. It is in a lovely wood where the floor is spongy with decades of fallen foliage cushioning the walk & birdsong fills the air - bliss!!

Our picnic - hot chocolate in the flasks with marshmallows to melt on top, biscuits,  some chocolate & some bon bons. We packed with whatever was in our cupboards - treats & plenty of space to run off the energy  …

Perfect Autumn walk drink …

How perfect is this spot?

Some wild fungi growing on a tree …

Our walk then took us in to the top of the deer park & what a treat we had - lots of deer in the morning sunshine …

A very handsome set of antlers ….

Then in the distance, the house emerges from the trees - a stunning place

 Such lovely sunshine on our walk …

…. and finally, 5 miles later, we are back at the house. Is this not a wonderful sight to behold?

A very good walk, great time to catch up & for the lads to have a morning out in nature & in the sunshine. 

Do you enjoy walking picnics? What is your favourite walk? Thanks for your company,
Dee ~♥~


  1. A great day!!! Amazing images!!!


    1. Thank you Marina - it is always lovely to get out with the camera & friends x


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