Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A fabulous French affair ...

Hi everyone,

I know that many will be surprised by the announcement of the betrothal of our daughter - a modern day 'elopement' with close family in tow. First a legal ceremony in the Dorset town with 300 year family links, then a second ceremony conducted by a Magali, a Celebrant From Unique Ceremonies in France - personalised by them with the two extended families coming together to spend a week relaxing in the gorgeous French countryside.

The lovely Castle 'La Bergelière' has sufficient bedrooms over several floors, with large reception rooms to easily take our party of 18 for the week.

Our day started with a champagne breakfast - complete with French patisseries from the local bakery that we picked up.

After our local champagne shopping,  we decided to set up a champagne tasting bar to see who could spot the most expensive one - very interesting results - Groom's Dad Tony was in charge of this ...

We planned the decorations & were all be on hand to put them up & make it special.

The beautiful dining room being prepared for the evening meal - plan B as we couldn't move the heavy tables in to a long one ...

I love table settings & this one looked stunning once the chef had finished the setting 

Gleaming glassware & hydrangea colour is all that was needed (along with Sue's proper napkins)

Hydrangeas from the Chateau gardens were hand-tied in to bouquets for the girlies to carry for the ceremony & then used as table decorations ...

Cards from Africa have arrived from Patricia's doting grandfather & family & the personalised gifts have been set aside to be used in France so that they have that link.

Unbeknown to them, they are having their personalised ceremony on what would have been my parents 60th wedding anniversary.

The lovely French Celebrant made sure that the ceremony was as they wanted - a beautiful, personal celebration of a lovely couple

They just oozed love & happiness 

A look of pure joy & happiness

The dogs with their special collars ...

A perfect setting for a perfectly lovely couple

A French chef had been tasked with providing a celebration meal at the chateau & what a fine job he did of it considering that he could not serve his preferred shell seafood because of allergies.

Our fabulous new son -in-law Andy

A fruit cake was brought from the UK with no decoration to make sure it travelled safely. This special  topper reflects their love of their vizslas Apollo & Aura

It was a perfect day with lovely people - all in their own vision & with a relaxed atmosphere. 

We wish them everything they wish for themselves & a long & happy marriage. 

I hope you have enjoyed this unique experience, thank you for stopping by & taking time to comment 

 Dee ~♥~


  1. Just ............... PERFECT!!! :) <3

  2. This looks amazing, so happy for them. Glad you had a wonderful time and made lots of memories


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