Thursday, 4 August 2016

Planning two very different weddings ....

Hi everyone

By now, I am sure you have all enjoyed the unique experience of having a daughter marry - twice in a week - once a legal ceremony in England, the second a unique celebrant led one in France.

It also involved a ferry ride & a long drive in France to the chateau but we all planned that trip well with our ferry rides booked months in advance because it was the start of school holidays & the 3 dogs needed pet passports, our house bunny needed a babysitter at home & Katie's cat had to be kennelled - lots of planning to make it all work smoothly.

The first wedding in Dorset was in a gorgeous knee length silk Prada dress with a stunning hat & bouquet

The photos reflected their fun personalities

A very modern & beautiful wedding cake ... 

The second ceremony in a stunning full length dress in a fairy tale chateau setting with their dogs attending too

Their personality shone through - Lace Toms for Pat, sandals for Andy ....

Hydrangeas from the chateau garden - hand-tied with ribbon 

The lovely chateau was a perfect backdrop to this fairy tale day ...

Several have asked how we made it all happen - if it was planned or spontaneous? It was planned spontaneity - carefully planned but then relaxed on the day ...

We did not know what would be available at the Chateau so we gathered a good stock of things we could use to make it special - a cake topper which reflected their personality (choice of two)

 Various wedding items

Wedding bunting which was not used on the day but was there in case it was needed

Cards from their Grandfather in Africa had to be posted weeks in advance 

 Along with gifts he asked for ...

The selection of ribbons meant that glass jars collected by Sue could be hung in the trees 

The fruit cake was decorated with hydrangea flowers & the topper & it looked stunning 

We bought beautiful paper decorations off Amazon which could travel easily & they transformed the outdoors space in to something special with everyone folding the decorations for the tree, even the little lads getting in to the folding ...

Ms M & Katie found the lovely Wedding Day sign & it was perfect for the tree

Rolls of broad blue ribbon transformed ordinary chairs in to lovely items, the tree lit by solar lights at night  ...

We relied on an award winning chef who cooks for special occasions at the chateau - he was amazing

 The chateau was very well stocked with more than enough cutlery, crockery & glassware. It all came together perfectly on the day in a relaxed way that had been well planned behind the scenes to make sure that we had a varied supply of things that could be used ....

The relaxed day was reflected in the dress too - it was about the occasion & people

A tiny group of people who came together to make it happen for the lovely couple

The day was as special as their unique & special rings - Pat designed a ring with an uncut diamond set with claws & flanked by 3 traditional diamonds to balance the design. Their wedding rings are a combination of 18 & 24 k gold - set with a diamond inside the band which was a gift from their friends - very special & designed by them, as unique as they both are. 

Not everyone has understood their desire to have their wedding in their unique way. Pat & Andy have the confidence to walk another path & those that love them the most, were happy to make it happen as they wanted & that made two very special occasions ....

It was hard to keep it under wraps but it was not my secret to tell.

Love is - keeping their secret, planning 2 weddings in their vision, driving 1000 miles on the wrong side of the road in a country where you don't read, write or speak the language, explaining to those who don't understand a unique experience that is is not about them but the couple ....

The Tipsy Tart summed it up perfectly for me:

 I think everything Pat and Andy did was so romantic....going to France and having just family there....keeping it a secret...sounds like the perfect wedding to me...well done them...xxxx

Thank you for your company & taking the time to read & comment,
 Dee ~♥~


  1. Lovely blog. Beautiful photos, beautiful wedding of a beautiful couple and just a very special way of getting married with only the dearest and nearest there.

    The The Tipsy Tart

    1. Thank you for allowing me to quote your Facebook message - they are following the trend set by high profile modern people of finding their own way to do things ... very commendable to have the courage to take a path less taken .... xx


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