Friday, 12 August 2016

Come Vizslas .... and Tuppence

Hi everyone

I am always an early riser - I love the stillness of early mornings, I find the quiet & peace very calming;  in Castle 'La Bergelière' France, I would go quietly downstairs to be greeted by excited dogs in their runs in the kitchen.

The dogs had heard my footsteps on the many stairs down to the kitchen ...

I would pop on the kettle, make some tea then take the 3 excitable dogs for an hour long walk / run / play in the chateau gardens while everyone snoozed on.

Vizsla Apollo & Aura adopted Ms M's Cavachon Tuppence as one of their own - see A Wondering Star's account of Tuppence 

Each morning I would greet them with 'Come Vizsla's' & Tuppence would trot along beside them, part of the Vizsla pack but stay to the side during their energetic ball fetching times ...

The Chateau provided such great space for the dogs to have long runs, safely off lead as I was confident that they would respond to commands if need be.The energetic Vizslas enjoying the morning time too ...


The bells of the adjoining church at La Flocelliere would rouse the others & they would wander down to join us in the garden


Castle 'La Bergelière' in La Flocelliere,  France A wonderful setting for a family getaway with space for well behaved dogs too ...

The lovely chateau with its extended gardens was a perfect spot, especially for a large group & some energetic dogs ...
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