Thursday, 11 August 2016

Grapefruit - a spoon or a knife?

Hi everyone

I love unusual cutlery & while browsing a cutlery stall in the lovely Ludlow market with a friend this week,  we saw a serrated knife & both speculated on its use.

The helpful stall owner came over & informed us that it was a grapefruit knife? 'Really?'was our surprised retort!

I use a elongated, serrated grapefruit spoon at home but he said the knife had replaced it  even though he is asked for the serrated spoons on a regular basis.

I bought the knife to see if it is an improvement on the spoons I use.  I bought some grapefruit from the nearby fruit stall so I could test them out - I know, I like to do such things!

This morning - test time ....

 My usual grapefruit spoon - easy to use & it gets right down, even if it has to be done in stages.

The serrated curved knifes is surprisingly quick & easy to use - much faster than the spoon ...

The spoon removed it right to the skin, the knife left some behind. However, I use the spoon regularly so this probably helped. However - the knife was much quicker to use ....

An interesting test - I think I will be using the knife a lot even though I was originally very sceptical about it. It is quicker but both do the same thing ....

Are you a grapefruit eater?  How do you peel yours?  Do you find strange cutlery interesting?

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Dee ~♥~


  1. Oh my, Both Stuart and my mom are "kitchen doo flinky" people. They would have encouraged you to buy it. Glad it's working well ♡♡♡♡

    1. Stuart knows his way around a kitchen so I would have taken his advice .... the stall holder let me have the knife for £1 so I was always going to have it ... xx

  2. just squeezed in vodka sounds good.

    Love The Tipsy Tart

    1. Oh what a fabulous suggestion - I need to visit your stall ... soon ... xx


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