Wednesday, 28 September 2016

An original Lloyd Loom chair - to paint or not to paint?

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My good friend Kathy recently moved from their delightful Stone Cottage & while packing up, she gifted me a lovely original, iconic Lloyd Loom whicker chair.

I painted a similar chair some years back - and this one is a slimmer chair in its original pink colour that everyone will recognise because it was a common pink used on chairs, whicker chests, side tables, corner bathroom units etc.

I posted a picture on my social media & got very mixed comments about painting it with several suggesting that it should be left in its original colour.

I am trying to decide - what would you do? Paint it or keep the original colour?  Pink is not really on my colour scheme ....

What would you do? Please give me your advice & colour suggestions too ... I look forward to your help!
Dee ~♥~


  1. Hello Dee, lovely gift! I would paint her white! That way she will fit any room, and you can change the pillows to match the room decor! Everything looks better with a fresh coat of white

    1. You have such excellent taste Lynda - I am inclined towards 'old white' as my bedroom Lloyd Loom chair is that colour. I hope your grandchild is on the mend? Please message me ...


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