Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Hints of green & metallics ...

I know many of you embrace change as much as I do.

At home, our hard furnishings are classic & the backbone of our decor. However, soft furnishings are changed regularly because I embrace change.  I want to have beautiful things around me - things that bring me joy & that I love seeing. They are not expensive things, just things I have acquired, bought or even been given that I mix up with what we already have ...

I love things with a history & age - these copper & brass mugs are a perfect contrast to the solidness of my lovely marble cheeseboard . Do you love the glow of metallics as much as I do?

and my matching cake stand I was gifted last year, I love its copper base that 'grounds' it so well.

I love this rose wreath - a feminine touch

How can you not love these vintage plates - such beautiful colours & details - I am in awe of some of the amazing vintage china that is about. I only have two of these amazing plates but sometimes, 2 is enough of something so lovely ....

 You will not be surprised to see my favourite Ralph Lauren pocket watch plates on the sideboard . I am a huge fan of the battery LED lights because they provide a warm glow to things while being safe.

A few changes & it looks much fresher. Touches of green just brighten it all up ...

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Dee ~♥~

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