Thursday, 5 January 2017

Twelfth night - time for the decorations to all be down ...

Hi everyone

Are you still in the state of limbo between getting all the Christmas things down, going back to work & returning your homes to its pre-festive state?

My late grandmother was a stickler for traditions & always insisted that all the decorations were down by the night of the 5th of January. There is always a debate in the media about whether twelfth night falls on the 5th or the 6th of January, we have always observed the 5th as our night to have it all down.

Our door wreath is always the last thing to come down - it was again a welcome gift from the lovely Linda, a students Mum & it has been much admired since it went up. This year I had battery lights wrapped around it & it looked so welcoming.

The two topiary also had lights & those have come off, along with their present decorations ...

The door wreath always gets repurposed to the shed doors where it still looks lovely for a few more weeks, & the birds love pulling the moss out of the wreath for their nests.

A very cold & crisp day in the Shire as I repurpose our greenery - the second gifted wreath has been on our chimnea & it will stay there for a bit too  ...

I will miss the battery lights by the front door flicking on for 6 hours each night with their twinkling lights, but traditions must, so they are packed away for another year.  (The dark shapes on the facias are just shadows from the large bushes .... )

However, these  battery lightbulb lights have been in our living room - their batteries are still going strong so they will stay in the dining room for now as their lights flick on for a couple of hours each night ... aren't they pretty?

I took off our lovely fireplace garland in the week & replaced it with calm bunting & some lovely birds & hearts ... the Christmas card string was still up, that is now down ...

A lovely lavender bag which I bought on the markets in Dorset - handmade by a lovely lady - it is in the centre of the bunting

It looks much plainer & I always find the transition from the glorious Christmas decorations to January really difficult ...

As evening sets in, I light a gifted candle & think back over the Christmas period & the 12 nights since Christmas - it was a blessed time with friends & family!

I hope your Twelfth night is blessed, thank you for stopping by & taking the time to read & comment,
Dee ~♥~


  1. I just found your blog today and I am so enjoying reading backward!! We do the 12th night thing too...way off here in Texas....and yes, things are pretty blah after the loveliness of Christmas. Fortunately I use a lot of red year 'round, so it isn't too drab and dull.
    I set a tray full of "gathered" crystal candlesticks, champagne flutes, and vases in a west window this week. Oh my it is lovely in the late afternoon. It has fairy lights woven through it, so about dark they come on for 6 hours and it is very pretty once again. I am in love with the "timer" candles, and may have a few too many....ooops......
    Have a lovely weekend, and blessings to you.

    1. Welcome to my blog, thank you for sharing your idea. I love your idea of candle sticks & lights too. I don't think we have timer candles here but they sound fab. I have a window with coloured glass in the kitchen that has lights in it - it is warm & comforting at night ...


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