Sunday, 5 February 2017

Enjoying the special teas ...

Hi everyone,

Do you buy things because they look good while you are away then they lurk in your cupboard?

I am a great tea drinker - my motto is: there is no crisis that I can't respond to with a cuppa.

You might remember this visit of mine to the lovely Atkinson-tea-coffee-merchants Lancaster.

I bought some stunning teas & they have been in my special tins that A Wondering Star daughter  gifted me.

I already have a loose tea pot so I decided to use it today while busy in the conservatory.  I mixed up the two teas - Pu Erh sweet chaiPu-Erh Wellness Guarana teas.  The chai tea has a really fragrant aroma  ...

Pu-Erh(min.79%) with cinnamon, licorice, ginger, aroma, sandalwood, cloves and thistle.
All the usual healthy benifits you would get from a regular Pu-Erh but with a spicy flavour.

I had also bought some fragrant rose buds so added one to the tea too

The tea mixtures I have

Don't you just love these pretty rosebuds which are perfectly good for adding to the teas

I really enjoyed the mix of teas - I preferred the mix of two teas because the taste was more to my liking (I am a black rather than a green tea drinker) & I even managed it without milk 

I will definitely be having this again - how do you take your tea? Black, white, green, black, white? Tell all. Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to read & comment. Please subscribe to the blog too ... 
Dee ~♥~

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