Saturday, 11 February 2017

Some mirrors need updating ...

Hi everyone,

Our weather has turned wet & at times wintery & after a really busy week's tutoring, I got in on Thursday afternoon & just needed to calm out.

As I popped my bags down, I passed the gold mirror in our inner hall way & I knew that was going to be my calming out project. It has been on my to-do list for ages & it just moved to the top of the list!

I keep this large roll of corrugated cardboard handy in the garage with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paints because it is a great size on the table in the conservatory.

I like to mask off the mirror to make it easier when painting & waxing ... How dated the gold looks!

First coast of Annie Sloan Old White & it looks so much better & I could paint & enjoy the garden at the same time - that is my calming mode ...

Two coats of Old White were needed to cover the gold paint, then left to dry & still time to wax it.

I clear waxed it all, then added some dark wax to the details to give it some interest, then buffed it.

Time to hang it back in the inner hallway, opposite the stairs. I always do a full length check from the bottom stair before leaving the house ...

Much better - it compliments the Natural Calico walls & looks more modern, a job well done!

Sometimes, 1 job leads to another & as I headed upstairs, I realised the two mirrors on the landing outside all the bedrooms needed to be done too ...

These two mirrors face each other & they are brilliant at giving an all round view of the daily outfit. However, the one was gold & the other was in need of a fresh coat of paint too.

So on a cold Shropshire morning, they came down to be prepared for painting.

It is nice to watch the odd snowflake drift past & the birds hungrily feeding in the garden ... 

All done,  they just need to be clear waxed then they will go back upstairs where they will blend in rather than scream out ...

Do you have a to do list that doesn't seem to get any shorter? However, it is satisfying to make simple changes that makes our space more pleasing to the eye & that we like living with.

What is on your to-do list? Does it involve paint? Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment,
Dee ~♥~


  1. Ha-ha...that is how I do things :^) I walk past, and then just jump in and fix the problem.
    Your big mirror is gorgeous!!! I even liked it gold....
    You did such a good job, and they are all mighty handsome!
    I could be sooooo jealous of your conservatory, but I will just enjoy it through your eyes. A glass room in Texas would not be very useful :^(
    Blessings to you,

    1. Hi Jaybird, I am glad that someone else has the same character - sometimes you just cannot ignore something any longer ... Our conservatory is used all the time & I love being in there, surrounded by the green of the garden - it is a therapeutic space. I am envious of your weather .... have a lovely week & thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment again!


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