Thursday, 23 February 2017

So long our special little Vivaldi ....

Hi all,

My regular visitors will be well acquainted with the antics of our house bunny Vivaldi or Aldi for short.  She is a regular feature on my instagram & flickr with a big fan club.

She was our first bunny and the story of Vivaldi & Fred was often featured on my blog too


and how we took leave of our Fred 3 years ago so-long-our-little-fred

Vivaldi has had a charmed life as a very much loved house rabbit - having the run of the double, integrated garage & the downstairs of the house when we were home. She came & went as she pleased - a free range house bunny who kicked up her heels, tossed things about & did laps around the living room then came for snuggles at night on my lap on a soft fleece.

Sit still Mamma ...

Always loving being in the garden ...

In a run sometimes at night so I could find her ....

Helping herself to fresh carrot tops this past week ...

Her favourite place was the carpet by the fridge where she positioned herself for greens, carrots, beans & bananas.

I came back today from a visit down south & her fabulous surrogate bunny Mum - my lovely neighbour who has 2 of her own bunnies - had been in & out to her.

She had messaged me to say Aldi had been a little quieter than normal so she had been in to her only a few minutes before I got home. I came home to find she had peacefully passed a few minutes previously.

She has now joined Fred in the garden. Vivaldi was a very special house rabbit who had a charmed, spoilt life with us the last 10 years from a tiny bunny.

Her sweet personality & mannerisms will be sorely missed, so different from the bunnies who live in too small hutches with little interaction.

This was her relaxing in my bedroom on Sunday morning x

Binky free our little Vivaldi - you were much loved & will be sorely missed.

Dee ~♥~


  1. I am so sorry to read this....
    House bunnies are the best...we had one named Fred when the kiddos were growing up.
    "She" would lie on the rug opposite my son and they would share an apple. It was hilarious!! I wouldn't suggest such a thing to anyone else, but they were both careful and it was so much fun to watch!
    Blessings to you and your family...the loss of a pet is sometimes as hard as the loss of a family member...which in fact, they are.

    1. Hi Jaybird - thank you for the comment. They certainly become part of the family, especially as free range house bunnies enjoy close company. What a lovely story - ours both loved bananas & could hear them being opened & came running through to share them. i think their unconditional love & dependency make them very close to us x


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