Monday, 6 February 2017

Love is what you do ...

Hi everyone

How soon things come around.  The shops are already full of hearts, roses & all the things associated with Valentine's Day.

I have shared my thoughts on this before






We don't celebrate love on just one day - the love in your relationships & life should be there all the time - in words & deeds.

I changed the conservatory sideboard for something pretty with just touches of love from favourite things at home - things that remind me of lovely, happy times that we have around us all the time. I use this favourite Rosenthal candle holder regularly - the battery IKEA candles are perfectly safe on the sideboard too ...

I have not had my beautiful cranberry / ruby glasswares out for a while - I have a few items that I have collected from various sources, including markets & charity shops, & I love the colour.  These green plates are too pretty & I think the reds need something to balance them ...

These two old cranberry custard cups were a birthday gift from Ms M last year - so lovely! The pretty little frame & cardboard hearts on the doors are from a favourite local shop - no 45

I love games cubes for lettering & these appear often (along with the glass candle sticks). The HOME blocks remind me that my home is the space where love thrives ...

Hints of beautiful cranberry / ruby glass & some favourite plates that I mix up as I don't have enough of either set.  For those who always ask about the backstamps - the red ones are

and the creamy white ones are

Both sets have the same ribbed shape which complement each other perfectly - they remind me that sometimes unlike things actually go together quite well ...

This is when I used it previously, mixed up with the matching white plates for a supper for friends - love is enjoying special people ... 

 Don't you love this traditional pattern?  Things that are all different but which come together in a pleasing way - like our families & friends. I digress ...  The sideboard is almost done ...

Favourite items with just hints of hearts

I'm sure you are not surprised that some battery lights are there too? Love in the dark ...

Our inglenook fireplace gets two strands of favourite hearts & some bright faux flowers ...

Love is what you say & do, every day of the year.  People won't always remember the grand gestures on one day, they will remember the words, deeds & how you made them feel.  This seen in No 45

Have a good week & thanks for stopping by, have a blessed time however you celebrate it,
Dee ~♥~


  1. I was just rounding up dishes for a Valentine dinner we will host....cream Mikasa Heirloom White, with Memory Lane by Crown Ducal....I will mix them all up, and then think of you!!! I wish we could share a table sometime, but it's a long way and I am old and lazy :^) I don't have any of your lovely Cranberry Glass, but I do have some crystal stems that have red glass goblets, so they will have to do.
    You are so right.....Love is what you do all year around!!!
    Have a lovely weekend AND Valentine's Day.

    1. Your table sounds just lovely - I do hope you will share a photo or two of your table setting. I love coloured goblets & yours will be perfect for a Valentine dinner. Have a lovely time & thank you for stopping by!
      Blessings to you & yours. D


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