Monday, 29 April 2019

Making my own natural cleaning products ...

I know many share my concern about the quality of air in our homes. We are now very aware of the products that we use because they influence the quality of air in our homes & thereby impact directly on our health, especially in Winter when we spend more time indoors with the windows closed.

I recently had the opportunity to join a workshop lead by an aromatherapist with the view to looking at natural cleaning products to cut down on air pollutants in the home.

For those who have septic tanks, natural cleaning products do not kill off the essential microbes needed to break down the waste so it is essential to think of this when using products.

She uses various natural oils in her treatments so I was excited to learn more about natural products as I am very aware of pollutants at home.

I already grow a variety of house plants that are recommended to help clean the air.  I have found that peace lilies & aloe vera seem to thrive in our inglenook fireplace space. I like to think that our living room has the cleanest air in our house with all the plants in it.

This was our sample of natural oils to use in the workshop

A graduated bottle was useful for making up the mixtures ...

Natural products that we all have at home anyhow & which don’t impact on air quality

Our handout / booklet with recipes

A small group of us ladies gathered on a Sunday morning with our bottle to mix up the potions. 

My philosophy is that we can each make a difference to the environment by starting with ourselves, making changes that can have a ripple effect - less chemical, more natural products, small changes that help.

I am pleased for the warmer Spring weather when I can fling open the windows & doors to clear the air & by making changes with more air cleansing plants & less chemicals, I know I am making a small difference.

I hope I can inspire you to do the same too. Thank you for stopping by & taking the time to read & comment,
Dee ~💕~


  1. I am very much in agreement!!! Thank you so much for the hint to use my peace lily in the fireplace opening. I was wondering what to do with it since it is ENORMOUS!!!!!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Jaybird, I cannot believe that this comment escaped me; I hope that your peace lily is enjoying your fireplace. Ours are doing well & I hope yours are too x


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