Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Welcome 2020

I can hardly believe that another year has come to an end - where has the time gone? 

It is sobering again to reflect on the year & what it changes has brought; it is also sad because we have lost some friends & family and because  some friends relationships have floundered, we are all a year older, a privilege denied to many, older but not necessarily wiser - we are all learning to master life as we live it  ...

So for 2020, move in the direction of your dreams, even a little waddle will do;   remember you can always start afresh, here’s to new beginnings; things do change but kindness & humility are always in fashion; if you can’t be kind, be quiet at least; it is harder to be restrained than it is to give someone a piece of your mind but only one gives peace of mind; be thankful for today because in one moment, it can all change. 

Straighten each other’s crowns without telling the world they were crooked, the world has enough critics so be a cheerleader instead. Everyone, yes absolutely everyone, likes to be appreciated & to have others looking out for them too. This is especially true of those who are the ones who check up on others - they too need people to appreciate them. 

I am sending wishes for good health & many blessings as we welcome the twenties - may some of your wishes come true. 

Thank you for stopping by, supporting my modest blog, my flickr & instagram - I have got to know many of my followers as ‘friends’ & that is where the internet opens up a whole new world. 

See you in 2020, 

Dee ~💕~

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