Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My little retreat in the garden ....

I just don't understand the cliché about 'men & their sheds' when the truth of the matter is that women probably have just as much claim to some space of their own.

My new space arrived soon after we moved house; a replacement for the dismal one that was there previously & which thankfully went on moving day with the previous owner. The replacement is an 8x8 foot corner shed. Corner sheds are just perfect for space & once the new paving slabs were down, it looked just right except that it was orange pine; is there a worse colour than that?

It snowed before I could do anything about the colour & while looking out of the window at the calming snow falling, all I could see was an orange shed; I just knew it had to change. 

A trip to the hardware shop & I found a shed paint called Country Cream; even the name conjures up a calming scene & then a cold weekend was spent painting over the offending orange pine ...

Much better - it belongs now because it is something we enjoy looking at ...
Summer al fresco supper

I found some lovely wooden moulding at a hardware shop & hubby helped me to glue & nail it in place to add a bit of detail & some solar shed lights brighten it up at night ...

Spring in my garden, Shropshire

Some more planting and the shed now seems to be part of the garden ....

Spring flowers at home

A space that is used a lot in summer with its lanterns, flower pots & comfy wicker chairs as it is a good place to read, relax & just drink coffee in.

Our summer garden shed

Some lanterns & interesting garden stakes add to the scene ...

Summer in my Shropshire garden

It is perfectly placed for lazy Summer meals out in the garden ...

Do you have a personal outdoor space or your own shed? Are you tempted?
Tell all ....
Dee ~♥~


  1. Teressa LonghurstWednesday, May 16, 2012

    Awwww it is fab, I've seen it first hand and love it, your garden parties are the best 8-D


    1. Aww Tree, you are too kind ... gardens are made to be enjoyed xx

  2. Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous - Lucky you! I have been longing for my own shed for ages now. We have a disused garage in our garden that I have my eye on, which basically stores junk. It's brick built and solid, but the job seems SO huge, that I keep putting off organising it. I know that once it is finished, I wont be found anywhere else! Your shed looks beautiful - the colour and the mouldings are perfect - well done!
    Paula x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Paula - your garage sounds just fab - a gem waiting to be discovered. After looking around your fabulous blog *shabby chic* I know you will 'shabby chic' any space that you set your mind to.

  3. the shed is just have done a great job personalising it with all the gorgeous accessories. It's a perfect retreat!!! xxx

    1. Mrs B ... you are too kind my dear, you know how I just love nice spaces - life is too short for mediocre ...
      Dee xx

  4. Sigh...not yet...but there's one in the works - slowly. I love your corner shed - looks great in the cream and green/blue. Perfect now! Love your photos! Hope you have a wonderful week,

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Kathy - your garden is just stunning on your blog too; we just love having the outdoor space & use it all summer which is lovely. Have a good weekend, look forward to your blog posts


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