Friday, 25 May 2012

Time to get the outdoors ready for summer ...

At long last, the sun seems set to shine on us. The warmth & brightness just energises everyone & all the hibernating neighbours are suddenly out mowing lawns & firing up their bbq's.

I suddenly realised that I am not quite ready for all this action, rather my garden is not 'summer ready' to welcome friends & family in to it so that has been my purpose.

Warmer weather means more outdoors cooking & once I pulled back the protective cover of the bbq I had that sinking feeling that I had covered it without a final clean ... you know that feeling that comes from a messy task you put off?

Yes - the job we all least like but if we are going to see any outdoor meals this summer ....

Next task was to spruce up the actual bbq - more scrubbing but somehow it did not seem too tedious in the sunshine outdoors.

Time to throw open the garden shed / summerhouse where we spend lots of time.  We have not really used it much all winter other than to open & air it in brighter weather.

As soon as I started to sweep I noticed .....

It appears that we had a winter visitor who nibbled away on the throws & collected some to nest with. Fortunately the cushions were not damaged so a quick sweep turned into clearing out the whole shed for a thorough clean. No sign of the mouse or field mouse fortunately.

While rearranging the wicker furniture I wondered if it was time for a colour change - the pinks have been there for over a year now & perhaps it is time for a change.

I realised I needed to put some bunting back up - what colour?
What do you think? What would you do?

The final preparation of the day was to air the outdoors IKEA net that keeps away all those annoying insects. It is meant to fit over the large outdoor parasol but it is equally useful looped in the tree to catch up on work at the butlers table ....

With our weekend weather set to remain hot I think my garden is ready; is yours?

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend whatever you do ....
Dee ~♥~

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