Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spring rains in the Shire

April has brought more than just April showers this year. The showers arrived, much awaited after a dry start to the year & the rain has just kept falling ....
I do not mind rain - it washes away all the dust, freshens up the garden, replenishes our water supplies & just brings everything to life with renewed brightness & vigour
Spring flowers at home

The tulip bulbs I planted last Autumn are just so beautiful - their bright colours just lift any day in my garden. Our garden shed at the bottom of the garden looks just lovely now ...

Spring in my garden, Shropshire

The rain has kept falling, steady rain, day in & day out; sometimes accompanied by thunder & lightning which is not very common in the UK.

It is a real pleasure to throw open the connecting doors to the conservatory so that the sound of the rain can be heard in the house ...

The Severn River is the longest river in England & it flows under the Ironbridge - the iconic 1779 bridge which was the first Ironbridge built in the world & which sparked the Industrial Revolution.

Ironbridge, Shropshire - first ironbridge built in 1779

It no longer carries traffic as modern vehicles are too heavy but it still attracts visitors from all over the world to its iconic design.

The lower  parts are hidden under the rising water. The portable flood defences will most likely go up this week to protect warfage shops from the rising water ....

I hope you have enjoyed visiting our special bridge, stop in again soon

Dee ♥

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