Monday, 28 May 2012

A sunny weekend is perfect for ....

... outdoor eating ♥

Our weather is too good to spend indoors so we settled for a relaxing bbq in the garden

Simple table setting under the IKEA net to keep away insects.

Simple food is best - spicy corn with butter - wrapped in foil on the bbq to cook; spicy chicken wings; carrot & pineapple salad; beetroot; garlic & herb share-bread & ice cold drinks

Finished off with sharp lemon trifles

Perfect evening in the garden. Hope your weekend was as relaxing; I always look forward to all the lovely comments
Dee ~♥~


  1. Hi Dee. Found you at Hillhouse Diaries. I have English roots and look forward to enjoying your photos and commentary.

    1. Hi welcome Susy - I love the Hillhouse Diaries so we have a shared interest. I post about the things in my life that I find interesting. Do you have a blog to share?

    2. Susy ... I did not connect you to The Feathered
      I love your blog & have browsed it often!!

      Thanks for the mention.

  2. mmmmm....looks lovely and 'so' inviting....a perfect garden setting on a sunny day ! xxx

    1. Thank you Liane ... you know how much I love my pretty space especially when it is all colourful xx

  3. Love the ikea net to keep the insects away!


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