Thursday, 24 May 2012

A sea of yellow rapeseed

The week has passed way too quickly & I have neglected my blog. 

At long last, we have had some very welcome sunshine in our Shire & that has meant that I have been catching up on outdoor things as well as my part-time work.

The long grey winter has given way to wonderful COLOUR in the form of rapeseed / canola fields.

Farm fence & gate, Shropshire
The intensity of colour is absolutely stunning - so vibrant in the sun that you are almost dazzled by the colour ...
Rape seed fields, Shropshire
Rapeseed, Shropshire

Rapeseed Shropshire

We visited Lilleshall Abbey with a brooding sky behind - how lovely is this?
Lilleshall Abbey, Shropshire
Lilleshall Abbey, Shropshire

The warmer weather brings out other things as well ... photographed by my daughter StacySparkle (her photos are simply lovely for a 17 year old I think .... )
{Hello Little spider}

I hope your week is as bright & colourful as mine has been, look in again soon, your comments are always appreciated

Dee ♥

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