Saturday, 12 January 2013

A small matter of bunting ...

All the festive bits have been taken down & the house seems rather bare - especially our inglenook fireplace where the large wreath hangs

Time to look out some of the bunting I have ...

I rather love the brightness of this Laura Ashley crocheted one but it is just not right.

One strand seems too little, two strands - well even worse so down it comes.

Next strand - bunting from vintage embroidered fabric - still wrong as it is way too long & not the right colours so down it comes too.

Not quite right - you know that feeling when it 'will do' rather than being perfect for that spot but for now this vintage fabric one 'will do' while I scour EBay for some new bunting.

Perhaps the bright hyacinths will distract me from the bunting issue ...

Perhaps it is time to rethink the decoration on the mantle - I had some home made music bunting but it is 'missing' ....

Does your house also feel bare after the decorations come down & it is not yet ready for Spring colour but not ready for bare either? What do you do? How would you transition the changes?

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