Thursday, 25 July 2013

Colourful Dorset beach huts

I love interesting things so while doing some  early-morning-photography-walk-at-lyme-Regis we came across the beautifully painted beach huts along the seafront.

Because it was early morning, none were open but we did have a peek at some of the decorations & how the occupants have personalised their space

Very nautical view

Bunting is a popular choice

So very pretty - reminiscent of cupboards of old with fabric panels

Candy coloured doors in the morning light

How lovely is this row of pretty beach huts?

Why are the beach huts so popular? Wouldn't you love this view?

While walking along & taking photos, my thoughts were drawn to how I would customise a hut if I owned one (I live in the land locked county of Shropshire so no beach hut for me .... ) so I am content with customising  my-little-retreat-in-garden & warmer-weather-time-to-open-garden

Do beach huts appeal to you? Would you customise one or would it be utilitarian? 

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Dee ~♥~ 


  1. Wonderful! Huts are forbidden in Spain since 20 years ago. They were blue and white or red and white striped. We rented one every year in the village of Rota till they were forbidden


    1. Marina - they sound lovely, a great pity they were forbidden ....


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