Monday, 29 July 2013

New map curtains for our study

We have a small, very well used home study / library for our many books

Home study / office

We are a family with way too many books so this helps to keep them contained in a usable space - the normal books on the left bookcases where there is more direct light from the window, & our many leather bound antique books on the right where the fade less our of direct light.

We keep our cards in IKEA boxes on the shelf & I shared how I 'mapped' the boxes to make them fit in   by decorating-with-maps

I found some fabulous map fabric in Shrewsbury some weeks back but have only just found the time to change the curtain from a plain cream curtain (seen by the computer) to a map curtain to reflect our love of travelling.

Because we only use a single curtain at that window (it is private) , the task was easier.

Instead of starting from scratch & buying lining, I decided to use the plain cream curtain as the lining - just shortening it as it has always been too long behind the desk.

I washed the cream curtain & when dried, I started to attach the lovely new map fabric to it - a bit unconventional but it works very well in this instance.

The map fabric panel was the right width with a little to spare on each side; this was first sewn on the top (carefully to avoid the hook band) - pinned & then sewn in place.

The whole process was made much easier by using the original curtain & just shortening it as the cream curtain was too long behind the desk.

I am very pleased with the end result  because our study / library is all about our many travels & expeditions

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Dee ~♥~


  1. Clever Dee....and such a good choice too for a study....

    1. Thank you - I have a weakness for old maps so am very pleased with the change xx

  2. Fabulous map fabric! I have a Pinterest board full of map decorative ideas....have decoupaged a waste basket and a wooden box so far-great job Dee!

    1. I love maps too Lynda - I too have a pinterest board - will have to look out yours for more inspiration as I have some maps waiting to be used. Thanks for stopping by again ...


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