Monday, 15 July 2013

Exploring the Birmingham Jewellery quarter ....

Daughter & I met up with a good friend, Ms M, to catch up in Birmingham.  We just don't get there often enough but it was such a treat to just catch up in a favourite place.

Ms M was keen to visit the famous Jewellery Quarter so that is where we headed. Time was on our side so we walked from the city centre, taking in the delights & catching up on each others news. 

We watched this boat negotiate the canal locks which run through the city centre. They did so well - I would have been all fingers & thumbs with people watching the journey & the lock process ...

Us three girlies then had a lovely time exploring the Jewellery Quarter

A Tilly ring in case my cousin so named needs a treat :)

It is a totally fascinating experience, especially as we took in the history of it at the  museum-of-the-jewellery-quarter  which tells the fabulous story of the Smith & Pepper manufacturers.

If you find yourself in Birmingham, please visit this fascinating quarter ....

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Dee ~♥~


  1. Amazing town with history....I would need to bring the hubs....a new ring would be an excellent Christmas treat. Thanks, Dee for the tour!

    1. It is a stunning second city Lynda with a long Jewellery making history - you would love the choice. Thanks for stopping by again, always appreciated!


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