Friday, 12 July 2013

Stunning new chopping boards

When foodie daughter & her man moved back home, I realised that my two well loved chopping boards are just not enough anymore but I really don't like plastic boards ....

The IKEA lämplig is a large chopping board  which is brilliant value & massive enough for general food preparation but it lacks aesthetic appeal for photos

While browsing the Bridport markets I saw these gems on a stall.

The stall owner makes wooden items from trees he sources around the countryside. He told me my two boards came from a aged, fallen oak tree he saw in a field & negotiated a price with the farmer.

I love things with history - the thought of our boards being battered by all sorts of weather for decades then being useful again is a lovely thought.

For now, we are using them for food display & photography & doing the chopping & preparation on the sturdy IKEA slab.

Is this board not a thing of beauty?

What is your preferred choice of boards?

Utilitarian or beauty? Plastic or wood?  How do you treat yours?

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  1. Wow! I love this post! I would love having a board like yours! It's a jewel! The oldest one I have is 18 years old, I purchased it when I got married, I've got plastic ones but I don't like them at all and the last one is bought in IKEA (9€).
    Congratulations for your beautiful photos of that delicious sweets over that marvellous board!
    ( I'm not really sure if this comment is written in the correct way, please if you find mistakes, could you correct them? )


    1. Thanks for stopping by again Marina - your post is just perfect as it is. I love your boards too that I saw on your blog & am glad we agree about plastic boards :)


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