Thursday, 1 January 2015

Starting 2015 with blueberry pancakes

New Year always feels like it needs a special breakfast so this is how I started 2015 - with blueberry pancakes, fruit & yoghurt!

I always use my Mom's recipe which is really for scotch pancakes / crumpets or with added milk, they make a good thick or thin pancake. It is the easy sort of recipe that can be made in minutes, either by hand with a whisk or in a mixer …

It needs

1 cup of flour (I use self raising if I want them to be fluffier)
1 egg
5/8 cup of milk (I told you it was an old recipe - just add enough milk till it is the consistency you want)

Simple ingredients - I use free range eggs & organic flour out of preference

I always use a small ladle to pour it in to a non stick frying pan

While the pancake is cooking, add blueberries to the top which will still be runny.  Blueberries are perfect for pancakes as they ooze their goodness in a riot of colour.  Turn them over & cook the blueberry side till set …

Toppings can be anything you like or have to hand.
I always have a shaker with cinnamon & sugar (a traditional way we eat pancakes at home), yoghurt, some maple syrup or honey & any fruits you have in your fridge.

I think food always feels more special on a pretty plate, eaten with my great aunts coloured cutlery …

A perfect, quick breakfast that feels indulgent!

What is your favourite start to the morning? What toppings should I try next?

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the start to 2015

Dee ~♥~

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