Saturday, 10 January 2015

Light up your life with metallics ….

Is anyone else finding the dark January days a little … tedious?

After the lights of Christmas, it always seems dull when the lights & decorations come down & the days have not yet lengthened.

It has been a busy time & I am still playing catch up, looking at the decor now that the festive things have been packed -that restless time when I want a change but not sure what it is. Should I hang bunting or what changes?

It seems that mettalics are still a popular decor choice according to House Beautiful. I am not surprised because they always bring some reflective light in to any room & add a warmth & depth to a room.

Our medieval ancestors used metallics in their homes to reflect light & this trend has stayed - just changing form at times.

There is a growing trend toward burnished steel in the home & it always adds a depth to a room.

Copper is not as seen as much as brass but both are lovely. The semi-industrial look is very popular with normal copper piping used more often to make visible fittings in the home. Copper is beautiful, practical & functional too.

The only downside to metallics is that they need to be polished from time to time. Our study has lots of old family copper & brass items. They are used to store pens & other stationery pieces because they are too lovely to be hidden so I think they are perfectly reused.

Our study is a perfect place to display personal awards & items.

 Hubbies vintage brass lamps bring some interest to a small shelf along with a quirky old family pen holder.

I have some random copper pieces that are being clustered & collected from around the house …

I love these little french tea light holders with their copper rims. They cast lovely light around the conservatory when lit.

My collection of brass deer look good grouped together above the fireplace as a sculptural scene.

They naturally look even better when they are shiny after a clean …..

Silver is perhaps the best of the metallics, it is the most traditional & it always adds beauty to a room, a sort of luxury feel that harks to bygone days. Ours was in dire need of a clean as it was black so I had no option but to polish them.  It is one of those jobs that seem to take ages …

Old family - on both sides - serving dishes; they look so much better once polished & their surfaces are reflective & shiny. They just light up a shelf or a corner.

This is a favourite bowl, especially when teamed up with a small round tray to add lots of bling to everything from nuts at Christmas to Easter eggs or even a bowl of colourful spring bulbs.

A silver clothes brush looking lovely again, where did I put the rest of the set with the brush & mirror?

I love this vintage cranberry glass with the silver lid. The combination of red & silver is lovely ….

I have even noticed a trend towards metallics in wallpaper & fabrics which add a lovely sheen to interiors - we are lightening up our homes this season - what fun!

Are you a fan of metallics? How do you transition your home from the brightness of the festive season to the dullness of late Winter?

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