Thursday, 8 March 2012

For all the special women in my family ...

As  "International Women's Day" honours women, I want to honour the women in my family.

My Mother comes from an indomitable line of strong, settler women who knew their own mind & were not afraid to speak it or stand up for themselves & their beliefs ....

Mom was born before WWII; her Mom, my maternal grandmother, was a nurse & later a matron; she was a matter of fact, organised & quite determined woman. She nursed throughout the war, attending to injured soldiers & travelling in ambulances through the blackout then still sewed canvas tents at night as part of the massive South African war effort.  She was awarded a medal by King George VI during his visit of 1947 for saving the lives of people trapped in a train derailment while risking her own life!

My Mother & her brother effectively spent a large part of her early years being doted on by my great-grandparents who tried to make up for both their parents being away at war. We can barely imagine what it must have been like for children growing up at that time …

After the war, life resumed & later the great love story of Mom's life happened - married young to the love of her life, her & Dad have always made a dashing couple with their good looks ...

and style ....

which I don't think I inherited ...

5 lovely children later & they still looked rather dashing ...

Mom & her maternal great-aunt shared a love for the water - great aunt Ivy in the 50's

Mom always teaching everyone to swim or taking us for trips to the seaside.

.... even on a visit a few years ago - my girls running in the waves with her

Oldest daughter lucky to be in a photo of 4 generations of us ladies ...

This past year, our Mom & matriarch has been gravely ill - so we all made our way to their farm in Africa to meet new family members & to gather as one does at such times….

& us girls with Dad - Mom's rock & the great love of her life for over 55 years

So I pay tribute to all the strong ladies in my life - my special daughters, my sister & sisters-in-law, my friends who hold me up when my wings have trouble remembering how to fly;

Edited entry ...
and most especially for my Mom who has now lost her battle with cancer ....

 their love story holding strong to the very end ....

Remember to treasure your strong women ♥
Dee ~♥~


  1. Good tribute!! Hope all works out for your Mom!! Kathy

  2. Hi Deirdre - What lovely words you have said about us your friends but especially what a beautiful tribute to your Mum. The love story with your Mum will never end even when she is called for.

    Keep strong and remember, your friends are there if you need us even if it is just for a chat.

    My love and prayers

  3. Masses of love to all the girls in our family mummy xoxo

  4. what a perfectly lovely tribute....and at such a difficult time...words can't comfort, but the love and moral support of us, your friends, will always be there when you need it. Thoughts and prayers....and a quiet, contemplative time as we think of you and your family facing troubled times. Much love to you all xoxo

  5. Oh, just beautiful and I am proud to not only be your friend, but ALSO a part of the family, that is made up these strong women in our past, present and future. Our love and prayers are with you, Aunty Yvonne.!! Love from all the "Viljoen" girls x x x x x

  6. A Lovingly thoughtout tribute, to a well care for mother. Hugs from the boys xx

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments ♥

  8. lovely post

    xxx maruschka

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read & comment. Please stop by again ...


    2. That is so lovely Deidre, a wonderful life story. Sometimes with everything going on in our busy lives we tend to forget the past and memories that we have. A lovely tribute to your Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxx

    3. Thanks Carole - we sometimes forget that these stories need to be told so I am pleased to have done it ♥

  9. My condolences Deirdre; thanks for your kind words. Every word in your writing-blog resonates clear and loud...

    I will do as you say!


  10. A lovely tribute to your mother! Nice to see old photo's brings back good memories!!<3 Kathy


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