Sunday, 25 March 2012

Starting the sweet peas ......

I just love the absolute beauty & fragrance of sweet peas in the garden so that is always a priority to get them in - too early & the late frosts kill them off, too late & they are not at their best!

While having the Godsons to sleepover, I thought it was a perfect time to get their willing help with the matter. The young plants were looking good in their planting pots - lots of lovely long shoots & roots so it was time to haul the two large planters out of the back of the flower bed & prepare them with fresh soil & a feed.

The pots have large obelisks in them which is surrounded by fine black mesh for the sweetpeas to cling on as they fill the pot. The clamatis in the pots have been disappointing and have hardly thrown out a handful of branches ... perhaps this year!

Why the haste to get the sweet peas started? Well, they do have to be at their best by Midsummer so they can take centre stage for a Midsummer ladies soiree ....

The pots are perfect for supporting the canopy from the shed - made from a wonderful long sari that just shimmers in the light ...
It is a perfect opportunity for the ladies to just relax in our brightest outfits & to enjoy the height of summer with decadent food, drinks & lots of chatter ...

So preparations for that display of colour has begun ... I hope it will be as good as previous years!

Do you plan ahead for any special gardening events?

Dee ♥

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